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DRAGA & AUREL (2016)

Gemma, the aerial profile of contemporaneity.

Many of the environments in which we live today are those of the time, others have remained pure utopia from which it is possible to draw to renew everyday language. In its aerial profile, a synthesis of circle and trapezoid, the Gemma chair by Baxter interprets those codes, opening possible perspectives on those visions.When we place it in the dining room, around a table, it could create a relaxed and informal atmosphere for guests; in an office it invites you to share ideas; in the living room it is a harmonious interlude between the other seats. In its lively lines, given by the connections between the backrest and the armrests, and the padding and the metal rod structure, we find a play of solids and voids that refers to the interiors of Italian auteur cinema, to those villas of existentialism where to be the master, together with the feelings of the protagonists, was the taste with which they dressed their own reality.


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